"To provide an unparalleled experience of freedom and independence for users who need mobility assistance."

We build the first open source robotic mobility base, to benefit the accessibility of wheelchair users in their daily lives.

We offer a new experience for wheelchair users.

What makes it unique?



Open Source


We use robotics in a flexible design to achieve a wider range of movement for the user: sitting, standing, dancing.

The device is design with proactive care in mind. Allowing doctors to use the device as a physical rehabilitation aid.

We build a base compatible with different hardware and software to ensure a much more personal experience suited for every user.

We ensure on time maintenance and direct contact with the user via the interface.

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Meet the Team

Ernesto Diaz Flores

Founder and President


Project Initiation

Phd and Professor of Biochemistry - UCSF

Astrid Collonnier

Cofounder and CEO


EM-Lyon-La Sorbonne

Leverage Finance (HSBC, Société Générale)

John Hoener

Product Dev Manager/operations


Managed consumer & electronics new products development

Emilio Zedan

3D Artist & Graphic Designer

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